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News 7 nov 2022

Top 20 CIRCULAZE start-ups

CIRCULAZE, an initiative of the global business network CURAZE, aims to connect pioneers in sustainable business. The aim of the network is to exchange knowledge and experience and inspire each other on the way to even more sustainable businesses. Relevant start-ups and scale-ups in the field of the circular economy are an important part of this.

Top 20 CIRCULAZE start-ups

Reason for CIRCULAZE to work with an expert jury to select a top 20 from a long list of more than 100 start-ups. On 21 October, these Top 20 CIRCULAZE start-ups of 2022 were presented in Munich. And Madaster was amongst them! Thomas Rau (co-founder of Madaster) proudly accepted the CIRCULAZE start-up award.

We are very much looking forward to building a powerful ecosystem together with decision-makers, innovators and other start-ups. If you want to learn more about all the start-ups and the programme, check it out here.

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