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Blogs 4 oct 2023

1 year Madaster Austria

Circular building: Madaster Austria was able to win 16 partners and 40 projects for its material register within one year.

In September 2022, Madaster entered the Austrian market for the first time to help the domestic construction and real estate industry to record and document components and materials in order to make circular construction possible.

Since then, 16 so-called Kennedy partners* with a total of 40 projects have used Madaster’s cloud platform to gain better insight into the separability, bound CO2 and toxicity of building materials and their recyclability. Austria is now the sixth country in Europe where Madaster supports the construction and real estate industry on its way to a circular economy.

“One year after our market launch in Austria, we have clearly exceeded our ambitious goals. This is because the construction and real estate industry has recognised that Madaster is a functioning tool that successfully combines decarbonisation, resource conservation, material documentation, recyclability and life cycle assessment in one platform,” says Werner Weingraber, Managing Director of Madaster Austria.

Only recently, AllesWirdGut, IG Immobilien, Tarkett, Vasko+Partner and Würth were won as new partners of Madaster. The companies ATP sustain, Delta, Dietrich Untertrifaller, Drees & Sommer, GF Piping Systems, HNP architects, iC Consulenten, PORR, SIGNA, Value One and WICONA complete Madaster’s partner portfolio in Austria.

Madaster is involved in numerous initiatives, such as those of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate (ÖGNI), IG Lebenszyklus Bau and Digital Findet Stadt, in order to jointly develop solutions and standards for the circular economy.

In the meantime, Madaster has been awarded several prizes in Austria for its sustainability solution and is increasingly requested as a know-how carrier:in at professional conferences and expert discussions.

Future standard requirements and cooperation in the field of circular economy

Madaster has defined the expansion and further development of functions for conversion and refurbishment, life cycle assessment and certification (DGNB version 23, ÖGNI), the material passport, EU taxonomy and CSRD as well as track & trace for manufacturers as the next focal points of its work.

“Our goal is clear: To bring as many buildings as possible onto our platform and link them with the data and methods of Madaster. This will enable the efficient implementation of various use cases of the circular economy in the life cycle of a building. Both for individual companies and in cooperation with third parties. Each of our partners is a pioneer in the construction and real estate industry. The trust placed in us is our mandate to set the standards for tomorrow today in order to master the change from a linear to a circular economy,” Weingraber sums up.

*Kennedy Partners – Kennedy Partners are the first maximum of 33 Madaster Partners:in each country. These are companies that, as pioneers, are the first and exclusive partners before the Madaster platform later becomes generally usable at standard licensing conditions.

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